Festival by Sebastian Odenberg


Beautiful and sturdy seagrass basket for planter and floral arrangement at any of your places! Soft and light weight yet super sturdy and can hold a surprising amount. It's so light-weighted and practical that you can use them as toy storage, laundry basket, picnic and market bag, and more. The top half folds down inside the basket for a bowl look. 

 Bring the natural look for your home with woven baskets for plants, laundry, fruit, & storage. Folds to fit the household task at hand.

 Unfold for a tall plant basket with handles, or fold inward to half size & no handles. Customize the shape & size to fit your plants & storage uses.

 NATURAL SEAGRASS … Keep one more plastic container out of the ocean. Seagrass is an eco-friendly & sustainable alternative that doesn’t sacrifice durability.

Due to handmade nature, dimensions in color and size of each basket are slightly different. No two are exactly alike.

S:  Ø23cm x H20cm

M:  Ø27cm x H24cm

L:  Ø32cm x H28cm