Angebianco Bianco Carrarra White Marble Tray/Serving Plate


This tray is designed to impress. It can be an addition to any tabletop. Functional as well appealing to the eye. Simple and elegant Carrarra White Marble by Angebianco Bianco, eliminating all unwanted and unnecessary features and designs, this tray with its very simple and minimal artifacts is beautiful! We all have endless uses for trays, but one this beautiful deserves to be displayed.

Freshen up your home and get it organized by the use of this lovely multipurpose tray. Use this tray decoratively to show off your favorite ornaments. Decorative trays ground a space making a statement display. Made using good quality materials, this place setting is strong to withstand daily use. 

Made from 100% Perfect® Real Marble.

Available dimesion: 60x40x30cm