Mysterious by Henry Jacobsson / Wall Shelf


Mysterious from Hanry Jacobsson is a display of balance and geometry with distinctive elements, each playing their role in the design. Enhance your interior look while also providing practical storage and display space with the stylish, and versatile Mysterious by Hanry Jacobsson.

Simple yet elegant, this set is a great option to enlighten any dull wall in the room.  With this shelf you can display with pride and with beauty. Contemporarily-designed, these shelves can be put together or separately according to your convenience. Keep some lovely flowers or decorative pieces on these shelves to complete the look. Perfect place for your books, plants, collectibles, photos, and other decorative accents to brighten up your space. 

  • Constructed of metal for a strong structure with monochromatic finish for timeless appeal

  • Practical in the bedroom, office or living room while offering a stunning wall display

  • This set comes with installation hardware for hassle-free mounting in the comfort of your home. How you decide to personalize it is another story.

Material: A10® strength iron