KISS ME - Lips with passion

Bite me
Kiss me

Ultra HD High-quality printing gives this poster its vivid and sharp appearance.  Produced on medium weight cover kraft paper this poster strikes a balance between quality and perfect look. Perfectly durable use guaranteed.

This art print displays sharp Perfect Clear ® Live View images with a high degree of color accuracy on Acid-FREE ® Cotton Canvas. Rosseta HOME™ Wall Art pops off the wall with rich texture, perfect color, and detail. The artist-grade, Canvas is protected with an Ultra UV coating that eliminates glare and pixels. Similar to that of a High-quality reproduction represents the best of both worlds quality and affordability.

Rosseta HOME™ Wall Art - original photography and illustrations are printed in-house on 100% Acid-FREE ® Cotton Canvas. Enjoy the Journey! 

Printing type: Ultra HD High-quality printing
Enhancement technique: Perfect Clear ® Live View
Material: Canvas, unframed
Original: Rosseta Home™ Wall Art
Size (EU): 15*20cm, 20*25cm, 20*30cm, 30*40cm, 40*60cm, 50*75cm, 60*90cm
Size (US): 8Inch, 10Inch, 12Inch, 16Inch, 24Inch, 30Inch, 36Inch