Yomoto Amemori Glass Tea Set 1200ml / 6+1pcs

Subtle elegance to your home without overwhelming the space. Glasses are versatile additions to any ensemble. Crafted from glass - showcases of a clear design. The drinkware can help a room tie together a decorative style. Exude effortless style in your décor with the refined glassware of the Yomoto Amemori in your home. Delicate artwork handmade by a professional artist. 

  • High-quality glassware with exquisite clarity and brilliance. Durable and stylish enough for everyday use.

  • Handmade for exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail

  • Set include: 6 cups and 1 teapot

Teapot capacity: 1200ml

Cup capacity: 150ml

Made from 100% ArmGlass® Pure Glass. 

Effortless cleaning - this piece is dishwasher safe making it your new favorite!